After graduating from Humboldt University Berlin and following (post-)doctoral research in Munich, Zurich and Kyoto, I am currently a research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy at Hildesheim University (Germany), which specializes in Asian and World philosophy.

My research focuses on the philosophy of language and culture, particularly based on the works of Ernst Cassirer and Wilhelm von Humboldt. My interests also encompass regional philosophies including pre-modern Buddhist and modern Japanese philosophy. I have published widely in various languages and translated seminal philosophical works from Japanese into German and English.

Throughout my career, I have been engaged in cross-cultural and interdisciplinary research activities inside and outside of academia. I am the founding member of the research network »Morphology as Scientific Paradigm« (funded by the German Research Council, DFG) and have co-curated (as »Konzeptbegleiter«) the new permanent exhibit »Play of culture/s« (»Spiel der Kultur/en«) at Historisches und Völkerkundemuseum in Sankt Gallen, Switzerland.


2010    PhD thesis submitted to: Institute of Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Supervisor: Jens Heise (Berlin), Arifuku Kōgaku (Kyoto), Oswald Schwemmer (Berlin)

Title of thesis: »Dōgen’s Language Thinking: Systematic and Historical Perspectives from the Theory of Symbols.«

2003    Magister studies of Philosophy and Japanology, Magister thesis submitted to: Institute of Philosophy, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

Reviewers: Herbert Schnädelbach (Berlin), Jens Heise (Berlin)

Title of thesis: »The Exteriority of Inner Life. The Concept of Death in the Philosophy of Nishida.«


2020 Visiting Research Fellow, Host: Graham Priest, Depart. of Philosophy, Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), USA

2018-2022 Researcher, Grant by the German Research Foundation (DFG) Institute of Philosophy, Hildesheim University, Germany

Since 2016 Lecturer, Institute of Philosophy, Hildesheim University, Germany


2015-2016 Visiting Research Fellow, Host: Rolf Elberfeld, Institute of Philosophy, Hildesheim University, Germany         

2011-2014 Visiting Research Fellow, Hosts: Masakatsu Fujita and Mayuko Uehara, Department of Japanese philosophy, Kyōto University, Japan

2010-2011 Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Host: Raji C. Steineck, University Research Priority Program »Asia and Europe«, Zurich University, Switzerland

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